Hey there, welcome to my virtual kitchen! My name is Amma, a twenty-something year old who amongst other things loves cooking, fashion, beauty and design.

As a kid I loved watching cooking shows and when I would make my own creations, I would pretend that I was cooking for an audience just like I saw on TV. My mother taught me and my siblings how to cook at a young age. Starting with the basics like frying an egg, we slowly but surely progressed to the real stuff. On the weekends we would cook various Ghanaian stews, soups, rice dishes and occasionally we would make Ghanaian pastry. I loved it and experimented allot with baking my own cookies and cakes making rice dishes and mixing spices and herbs.

In 2016 I started filming recipes and I uploaded those video’s to YouTube, thus In Amma’s Kitchen was born. Now several years and 100+ recipes later, In Amma’s Kitchen is a growing collection of all the foods I love to cook. Varying from recipes I learned growing up such as stews and soups to improvised recipes, to staple recipes, recipes from around the globe and much more!


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